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UK OpenSolaris User Group

June 20, 2005

I Just left the first OpenSolaris UK user group, where we had an interesting line up of speakers. Ulf Andreasson,, Simon Phipps and Peter Tribble. Plus an interesting question and (some) answers session. Alan Burlison and Gary Pennington gave a brief overview of how a putback is done into the Solaris ON consolidation as it stands today from within Sun which set the tone for the discussions on interface taxonomy and how it could be effected by OpenSolaris. There were many interactions about the license used by OpenSolaris and while it is very important that people understand what the license means to them and their work, it was not for me the most interesting discussion of the evening.

That would go to the whether at some point in the future it will be possible to see the source of the Solaris release that I am running on my system. That is when Sun spins a new release of Solaris and then starts spinning patches for that release will we provide snap shots of the OpenSolaris parts of the source that were used to build the binaries of the release and the patches?

I do hope so.

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