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That’s not a Yellow Jersey it’s a Jersey that is Yellow

June 16, 2005

Tim got me hook line and sinker with his Yellow Jersey blog. I bought one of these in 2000, as a local bike shop was selling off 1999 ones for £10 and they are actually really nice Nike shirts. So I bought a Yellow one and a Polka dot one for use when riding to work. Not for posing around in, since only in my wildest dreams would I get to wear one for real (You know the one. You are climbing Galibier in the lead group with Indurain when he makes his move you go with him for the next 3km, and then attack putting 3 minutes on him in the last 8km to take the Jersey and go on to win the Tour. (Note to self. Return to Galibier on your racing bike for a reality check)).

Anyway after reading his blog and leaving a comment I arrive at work today and Tim has his “Yellow Jersey” on, but it is not a “Yellow Jersey” at all, simply a Jersey that is Yellow. Not the same at all and for the first time since getting the thing I was moderately self conscious wearing mine.

Lucky for me there were no cyclists going my way to take me on.



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