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Anonymous? Me?

June 14, 2005

The discussion about anonymous blogs rumbles on at Sun via email and I was mostly happy that it would end soon. Until I read this:

here’s a perfect example.

My eye was caught by "The dot in …—…" as a blog name, while browsing b.s.c. Cute name.

I go there. No indication of who it is.

description of a really interesting fix in init. I’ve fought with init before. Man, it’d be great to know who that was, so next time I need to fight with init, I can remember (using the old wetware) "oh, XXX had blogged about init".

Hunt frantically for *any clue* who this is.


But that is me, and that is my blog, and I am not anonymous, I may object to ID Cards, but I’m not anoymous. Except of course I am or was. It seems the roller theme that I am now using after the “Grey on Grey” comment does not display the description of the blog, which in my case is the very dull “Chris Gerhard’s Blog”.

I have fixed that and will remember to check that my name is up there in lights if I change themes again. Thanks for the complements.

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