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I must stop programming

June 7, 2005

I just can’t get the programmer in me to stop.

For the best part of a month of and on I’ve been doing some analysis work on the tools we use to do our jobs in Product Technical Support. As with most analysis most of the work is getting the data and then some kind soul has provided a spread sheet into which all the data can be put and the answer pops out at the end.

The trouble is the spread sheet, which is perfectly usable, could be better. The data inputs could be normalised and much of the calculation that is being done could be done in a better way. So now I am battling my conscience, do I make the spread sheet “right” or do I just fill in the data. The right answer is fill in the data, but then the spread sheet is a program and it is not quite perfect…. must try not to tweak it.


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One Comment
  1. are you planning to visualise the data directly
    in soffice? i find the spreadsheet-to-graph layer
    in soffice is simply not professional grade. all
    that nice data, with barely usable charts…

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