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ID cards. The opposition grows.

May 29, 2005

I’m feeling a bit more optimistic today that the ID card bill will not actually get through parliament. Why? First the debate on Any Questions (It starts 29’40” into the program if you want to catch it on listen again. The Labour MP Bob Marshall Andrews spoke against the bill and gave some hope that there are enough Labour members with enough back bone to allow sense to prevail.

Secondly I went down the pub on Friday, which in itself is cause for celebration.;Particularly as the friends I was with seemed, with one exception, to come round to my view that they are a very bad thing. The one exception is a serving Police officer who thought that it would help him in his job, I’m not sure he is right as the technology is not actually going to work very well, and anyway the government claim that we won’t have to carry them.

Thirdly the article in the Times by Matthew Parris, (yes I had to by the tabloid Times as the newsagent had sold out of all the other quality papers. Still don’t like it.) which made me realise that at least part of the establishment is opposing them and I can only see that opposition growing as people realise what they will really mean.

Clearly it is much to early to declare the cause won, but it is not lost yet either.

Sorry if the link does not find you the Times article. Typing Matthew Parris into the search box gets it but they only stay online for a few days. The same is true for the BBC listen again service.



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  1. Laura permalink

    Having clicked on your listen again link from bbc news and found the program, do you know how i can stop it from playing at double speed? Please help, if you can! Thanks, Laura

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