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Devils Punch Bowl Again.

May 29, 2005

We took a "flat run" to the Devil’s Punch bowl. 9 riders left but One turned back before Old Woking. One of “Team Tripe” has managed to put a permanent target on his back of one of those not present by letting slip that he is riding with another group as “we are not fast enough”.

Great weather for the run and apart from the final climb to the cafe was pretty flat. Just before the climb, while we we regrouping, we were past by some tourer types which was never going to be allowed to stand (as an ex tourer type I can attest to the fun I used to have in younger days bating any roadies that were going up hills. It is a no loose situation on a tourer. If you are slower then that’s OK as you are a tourer. If you are faster, it’s just good).

Luckily the tourer types did not go for it so the hill only hurt due to two of us racing each other we arrived at the top together.

We were then led us back via a nice quiet roads to Guildford and then back roads to Old Woking and home.

70 miles, not sure how fast, but it’s only a leisure ride and we were BBT.

Next week there is the South Western Road Club’s Randonnee starting in Cobham at 9am 85 miles which we are going to ride. I’ll be ignoring the advice about Helmets for obvious reasons.



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  1. Now we all know how a cyclist group blackballs one of them who deserts them. Better than a spoke in the eye or strangulation by inner tube…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Ah, helmets again. I don’t think any adult should be forced to wear a bike helmet. In general terms, I don’t think adults should be forced to do anything to improve their safety (for instance wearing seat belts). However, I find that site to be rather disingenuous.

    Is it coincidence that the countries with more and safer cycling are where fewest cyclists wear helmets?

    well, no, probably not. But the “nudge-nudge, wink-wink, helmets make you less safe” implication is totatally unwarranted. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation.


  3. Compared with the claims of the helmet compulsion brigade that is minor. If you want the otherside of the argument then view They claim that wearing a helmet will reduce your risk of injury by 85%.
    It is however true that if you want to make cycling safer the best way to do that is to get more cyclists. Also helmet promotion discourages cycling with the false view that cycling is dangerous. So in that sense promoting cycling does make cycling more dangerous, with helmet compulsion being the worst case senario.

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