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Stelvio Tomorrow

May 21, 2005

This Sunday the Giro will go over Stelvio which, in my opinion, is simply the best mountain pass in the Alps. Well I can bet they all forget the camping equipment. I’ve only climbed it once and that was twenty years ago this year but after last Sunday’s ride I feel that I should return to the high Alps soon.

The Giro are climbing the 48 number hairpins and then descending into Bormio which should make for a fantastic ride and the the reverse of what we did 20 years ago aand despite snow earlier in the week the Stelvio Webcam shows a nice dry road today.

Hopefully none of them will get to know the Hospital in Bormio as well as we did.



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  1. Wow, any ideas why this blog post just showed up in my RSS feed on 22-Aug-2011?

  2. chrisgerhard permalink

    Yes. Sorry. I republished it to fix the source of the photo from being the old Sun blogs server to here. I’m gradually doing all the entries so you may see a few.


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