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What do I drive?

May 20, 2005

Paul asks: “What car do YOU drive ?

I always find it amusing that people are feel so defined by the tin box that they use to transport themselves around in and others then judge people based on that tin box. So what do I drive? I “drive” a bike.

The bike that I have that is closest to replacing the car is my triplet. ince the kids fit on it so it does the school run etc etc.

So I drive a Thorn Me’n’u2.

I can only guess that this make me a knight of the road (well I can dream).



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  1. Trevor Watson permalink

    Didn’t you have that jumper when we all worked together at Frimley :p

    Kids don’t look too happy about being on the triplet – did you have to force them on so they could have their piccy taken ?

  2. I may well have had the jumper in Frimley.
    The problem with the photo, which is about 6 months old, is that we are going incredibly slowly so that the picture could be taken. So there is a general feeling that it could topple over at any point.
    It turns out that you can track stand a triplet, with all three children on it quite easily but the kids do complain that it scares them so I don’t do it.

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