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Cycling in the road illegal in Massachusetts.

May 12, 2005

And I thought we had it bad in the U.K. Here it is generally only motorists who don’t know the rights of cyclists, which are in most part the same as all vehicles. Over in Massachusetts, it appears even the Police are unaware of the them, or at least I hope that this is the case.

This story paints a really scary picture for US cyclists. I just hope that the charges are thrown out by the courts.



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  1. Interesting article. I work at Sun’s Burlington campus, which is located one town away from Wilmington. Many Sun employees bike to work (there is even a bike to work day each year) and take Rt 62.

  2. He was acquitted on 29 November 2001. See

  3. Riding on the roads is NOT illegal in Massachusetts. Many police officers simply don’t know the law, or don’t like cyclists.
    The state’s latest transportation bill funds a new driver’s education curriculum which now (finally!) includes information about sharing the road with cyclists. (Yes, it wasn’t in there before.) It also includes a teaching module for municipal police departments to inform them of cylists’ rights and responsibilities. So hopefully some cops will finally get the message that cyclists belong on the roads and have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users.
    Some towns are simply hostile to cyclists. The affluent town of Weston (a suburb of Boston) is notorious, having recently passed (probably illegal) municipal codes which target cyclists for police harassment. (It basically gives the cops free reign to ticket or arrest cyclists for even the most minor infractions.) MassBIKE is working to challenge that one. Weston is also the one town in the way of the Wayside Rail Trail, a proposed bike path which would span the much of the state from east to west. But not if Weston can help it.
    You don’t know how easy you have it in the UK.

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