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Using dtrace to remove automounted lofi devices

April 25, 2005

While having the lofi devices hanging around after they get automounted is perfectly acceptable on a laptop it is still not right. So I have added a call to this dtrace script to the end of the mount command in /usr/lib/fs/isofs. Like this:

: principia IA 3 $; tail -3 /usr/lib/fs/isofs/mount
/usr/local/sbin/lofid $dir $lofidev  &
exit 0
: principia IA 4 $;

Then save this d script as /usr/local/sbin/lofid and make it executable.

#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s
#pragma D option destructive
#pragma D option quiet  

/copyinstr(arg0) == $1/
      self->x = 1;
/arg1 == 0 && self->x != 0/
       system("/usr/sbin/lofiadm -d %s", $2);

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