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Early lights

November 26, 2004

gs400_light2Here is a blast from the past that shows an earlier (1986) attempt by me to solve the lighting problem of a bike.

For this project all you need is:

1 Suzuki GS400. Best if it belongs to your brother and has reached the end of it’s useful life (I’m sure that had nothing to do with having previously been owned by the other brother as neither of them would ever have thrashed it).

1 Bike.

Remove from the GS400 the battery, head lamp, indicators rear lights, and horns plus their controls.

Install the above on the bike, charge the battery and away you go. The photo appears to have been before the whole project was finished, the indicators and horns are missing. The battery was mounted, in it original case from the GS400 on the rear rack.

The photo was taken during the day so you get some idea of how bright this was, but due to the size it does not really do the thing justice. Fortunately though it has not done me justice either.

I actually commuted to work using this for a winter and it worked really well. Main beam was something else although the horns would not work at the same time as the light. Also wiring up the brake light was positively dangerous as every time I braked I wanted to be sure the light had come on. The bike was a standard “racer” but with flat bars instead of drops. What would now be referred to as a hybrid. The original bike was a “Sun Stanga” and was the first proper bike I bought.


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  1. I consider myself beaten. I thought this was a half decent outrageous event on a cycle but this beats me fair and square. The younger generation no better clearly…

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